Lucille Furniture


Since I've been so busy, I've really been slacking on my blogging! Wanted to catch up on some of my favorite shoots from the past few months.

This shoot was for the dearest of dears, Mr. Adem Vant Hull, his inimitable sidekick and shop assistant Lucille, and our very poised model Gertrude the chicken. Together they make up Lucille Furniture, which operates out of Monkey Wid-a-Fez wood shop in the Bywater, New Orleans. 

I spent some time photographing Adem for his upcoming furniture show, SAWDUST II. I attended his first show back in 2013 and was just stunned at the amount of creativity and workmanship he puts forth in every one of his pieces. The custom designs are brought to life by his personal stash of reclaimed woods he sometimes had to forage out of dumpsters and abandoned lots. Each piece has its own personality and its own unique flare (as you can see mimics Adem to a tee).

SAWDUST II will feature nearly 30 custom pieces in a one-night-only debut May 21, 2016. If you can't make it to the show, there are lots of opportunities to see his work around town. He currently has pieces in Stein's Market and Deli, HiVolt Coffee, Boucherie, Coquette, and more.

For more info on how you can purchase some of Adem's works, please get in touch here.